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Offer applies to residential and commercial properties with heating systems up to 70 kW

A new heating system, natural gas supply and service with FF-Wärme Plus. Want a new heating system for your property without your own initial investment? No problem! Stadtwerke offers you an innovative product that leaves practically nothing to be desired when it comes to heat supply – FF-Wärme Plus. In cooperation with trade businesses from our region, we ensure that your heating system is state-of-the-art and that the heat supply works smoothly – without having to dig deep into your pockets. With FF-Wärme Plus you get all services for a low monthly flat rate. This includes the complete system technology, extensive service and maintenance work and of course the reliable supply of natural gas. So: Even if you only want to convert your heating to natural gas, FF-Wärme Plus is worth considering. And the best thing is: FF-Wärme plus not only protects your wallet, but also our environment.


If you are interested in FF-Wärme Plus, Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder) is the central contact for you. You can get detailed advice on request here. So you can contact our customer center with any questions, because we are also your contractual partner for FF-Wärme Plus. If you have decided on heat plus, commission a craft company of your choice * who will make you an individual offer. We check this offer and place an order with the company. You then make an appointment with the commissioned company – and off you go. After the system has been successfully installed, we take care of the supply of heat and the trade company takes care of the system maintenance and repair. The billing for all services is conveniently carried out for you by Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder). Of course, you can also get advice on FF-Wärme Plus from a trade company – but we are your contractual partner in any case.

* Your trade company must be listed as a partner in our installer directory.


The trade company commissioned by you carries out the previously contractually agreed services that you would like to use. The scope of services of the trade company includes:

  • Consultation
  • Dismantling and disposal of the old system (for renovations)
  • When switching from oil to natural gas, also disposal of the oil tank system
  • Delivery and installation of the new system
  • Commissioning and instruction
  • Regular cleaning and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting with repairs and spare parts
  • Possibly repair and/or replacement investment

Our trade companies are members of the synergy community, which stands for quality, adherence to deadlines and competent advice.

The monthly flat rate for FF-Wärme Plus consists of the investment-dependent base price (GP) and the consumption-dependent working price (WP).

The basic price (BP) consists of two elements:

GP1 – for the provision of the heat output, the provision of the system including service and chimney sweep costs and/or, if applicable, the costs for the disposal of any existing oil tank system

GP2 – base price of natural gas

The working price (WP) takes into account the amount of gas consumed.

Example: Anyone who has a condensing system installed for an investment of € 6,530.00 (gross) pays a monthly base price 1 (BP1) of € 91.63 (gross) as well as the energy costs (= basic natural gas price plus consumption-based working price according to FF-AktivGas ).


With FF-Wärme Plus you can lean back and relax and enjoy the many advantages:

  • The are no expensive investments because the financing of the devices is already included in the monthly fee.
  • Everything is included on request – from the heater and chimney adjustment to the dismantling and disposal of the old system.
  • Heating cost savings of up to 30% thanks to modern natural gas condensing boilers from well-known brand companies that carry the “Blue Angel” environmental seal.
  • “No-worries heating” because the monthly flat rate already includes all services: regular maintenance, necessary repairs, spare parts, chimney sweeping and even a 24-hour emergency troubleshooting service.

FF-Wärme Plus in combination with solar heat is not only environmentally friendly, but also offers you a good deal of independence from fossil fuel sources.*

  • If you use solar energy solely for heating domestic water, you can save up to 60% of your usual energy requirements.
  • And in combination with an economical gas condensing boiler, solar energy is also economical.

The nice thing is you can enjoy all the benefits of FF-Wärme Plus here too. That means no own investment costs with full all-round service. Practical for you – and good for the environment!
Appropriate roof surfaces (roof tiles, no roofing felt) at an angle of 30 – 60° are required. The system has to face south. Deviations to the southeast or southwest are permitted, but shading should be avoided



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