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  • What does registration mean? What does logging in mean?

    A one-time registration is required to use the customer portal. Call up the customer portal via our homepage. Click the “Registration” button. After successful registration, you will receive a registration confirmation with your chosen user name and password. You can then use this data to log into the customer portal at any time. The customer portal can only be used by customers of Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH.

  • How do I register?

    You can only register in our customer portal with an active contract with Stadtwerke. In the course of the process, you will be asked to provide basic identification information. This includes customer number, meter number and personal data. If the registration is successful, a user account will be created, which must be activated via an activation link that you will receive by email.

    Please pay close attention to the spelling of your personal data. Only the exact spelling, which you can find e.g. on your last invoice or your contract confirmation, enables you to access our customer portal. Please pay particular attention to the spelling of your name. If your data does not match the data in our billing system or if you have any other problems with registration, please contact our customer service team.

  • I have several customer numbers. How can I register them all?

    You have the option of registering several customer numbers under one registration.

    Proceed as follows:

    • Log in to the customer portal with your user name and password.
    • In the “Contract partner name” menu, click on “Customer number and user account management”.
    • Here you can add further customer numbers.

    To switch back and forth between your registered customer numbers, click on “Customer number” in the vertical navigation and select a customer number.

  • What effects does the selection of the customer number have?

    Any changes made to a customer number will only apply to the selected contract. If you want to make changes to other contracts, please select the desired contract under the menu item “Customer number”.

  • I have forgotten my password

    You can receive a new password from us by email. To do this, go to the “Forgot login details” link on the login page. We will then send you a new password within a few minutes.

  • I want to change my password

    To change your password, you have to log into our customer portal. You can assign a new password under “Change password” under the menu bar “Contract partner name”.

    You can change your password as often as you like. Please note that your password must be 8 characters long and contain at least 3 characters from these categories: upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers or special characters. It must also not contain your specified first or last name or your email address.

  • How is my data protected?

    Of course, you can rely on the fact that the personal data arising in connection with the existing contractual relationship will only be stored and processed automatically. Stadtwerke assures you that it will be handled in accordance with data protection regulations in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation.

  • What happens if I change my customer details?

    Save your changed data immediately using the “Submit” button. Changed customer data is valid from the time of the change.

  • Why can’t I change/correct my name?

    The change of name will affect the supply contract between you and the public utility company. For name changes, please contact our customer service team.

  • Who will read my meter?

    As a rule, your network operator, as the owner of the meter, reads your meter or sends you a card asking you to read it. In some cases, e.g. at the beginning of the contract, we ask you to inform us of the meter reading. You can store this in your online customer account, for example.

  • Do I have to register for meter readings in the customer portal?

    No. You can also provide us with the meter readings personally, in writing, by telephone or even without registering in the customer portal with just your meter and customer number. Entering it the customer portal is very convenient – the meter readings are checked immediately for plausibility.

  • Why does the message appear that my meter readings are implausible?

    An expected consumption was calculated based on your previous consumption behavior. The value you entered differs from this one. Check your meter reading again. If it is correct, please contact the customer service team directly in this case.

  • Why can I only change my advance payment within certain limits?

    Your advance payment was calculated based on your billed consumption or a consumption target. Restricting the change within certain limits is intended to prevent a possibly increased later payment or an increased credit on your next billing. To change your advance payment beyond these limits, please contact our customer service team.

  • Why can I no longer change my advance payment?

    You can change your advance payment up to three times in a billing cycle. If you would like to change your advance payment again, please contact our customer service team.

  • What are the creditor identification number and mandate reference?

    The creditor identification number is an account-independent and unique identifier for Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH.

    This is: DE67SWF00000092950.

    The mandate reference is an identifier assigned individually by the public utilities.

  • How can I issue or change a SEPA mandate?

    In the area “My payment details” click on “Change bank details”. Enter the new bank details in the fields provided and then click on “Submit”.

  • Where can I find my last bills?

    You can find your annual accounts under the menu item “My bills”. You can select the bill you want here and print it out if necessary. If you need further bills, please contact our customer service team.

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