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Karl-Marx-Straße 195
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Phone: 0335 5533-300

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With electricity, district heating and gas, Stadtwerke is making its contribution to better living conditions in the Oderstadt.
The supply of electricity, district heating and gas affects countless areas of life in the city, so the activities of Statdwerke have alwasy been in the public eye.
Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH was founded in 1992 and has built up an efficient management team in a short time since taking on the task of supplying customers. One focus of this activity has been in particular the integration of the energy sectors in a cross-network. The electricity, heat and gas supply areas provide their services to the same customer groups (private households, trade, commerce and industry in the city area). This means that there are synergy effects, for example through joint meter reading, consumption billing, the establishment of house connections and joint planning of line renewals.

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Kundencentrum vom 11.10. bis 29.10.2021 geschlossen

Das Kundencentrum der Stadtwerke bleibt wegen umfangreicher Umbaumaßnahmen vom 11.10. bis 29.10.2021 geschlossen.

Unser Kundenserviceteam in dieser Zeit per E-Mail über und Telefon 0335/55 33 300 zu den gewohnten Zeiten erreichbar.

Ab Montag, 01. November 2021 sind wir wieder für unsere Kunden persönlich da.